vineri, 12 iunie 2009

Peach Ball - prototype

The first screenshots showing a very rough concept.

You move the grey platform with the mouse (both the platform and the cursor are limited to the grey area, they can't hover above the orange one). You hit the ball and make it bounce with the object of moving it around the screen.

The platform "jumps" where you left click.

Right click to slide screen right. You can't go back!

Middle click to slide screen double speed.

The goal of this game is to bounce the orange ball up and down so you can pick up all the items(except the piranha, if you hit a piranha fish, you loose one life)

I am using rigid body for the ball, so it rotates. No "pong" movement, as soon as it hits the platform, it bounces a little and stops, so you can rest it there and think about you next move if you want to.

The game is a combination of basketball and tennis/ping pong.

If you loose the ball, you can instantiate a new one with spacebar, but your health decreases.

The artwork comes from Big Buck Bunny and Yo Frankie! (blender foundation, open projects)
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