sâmbătă, 13 iunie 2009

My work for CDS

During the last year, i was in charge of modeling, texturing and doing the OgreMax settings for dozens of airplanes, helicopters, vehicles and also creating a couple of scenes.

Here is a short brief of my tasks.

airplanes,helicopters -

creating 3 LOD for every model- LOD1- 2k tris, LOD2 - 1k tris, LOD3, 500 tris
animating the first LOD- landing gears, props etc
texturing - diffuse, specular, gloss, night emissive - different texture for each company(tarom,lufthansa...)
billboard lights: strobe, taxi, landing etc

vehicles, tanks-

texturing - diffuse, specular, gloss, night emissive
billboard lights: head lights, tail lights etc

OgreMax settings for all of the above, testing in lexi viewer

I will post some of them with the permission of the company.

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